A Band of Unusually Unsuspecting Suspects


To Ipoh with Love, For Ni Art Festival

“…your heart is my hermitage.” – Thomas Merton

Room 36.jpg

Art-for-Heart fund-raiser organised by charKOL.com
with special thanks to Keen and Dalon, Perfect Arts Frame Maker

Room 36: by Peng-Ean Khoo

A Letter to My Friends by Peng-Ean Khoo

  1. Art-for-Heart by charKOL Pte Ltd
  2. Rosette Series by Beth Cham & Peng-Ean Khoo
  3. Bilberries Blue by Peng-Ean Khoo
  4. Magic Carpet by Peng-Ean Khoo with Brigid Watson and Gulsun Gul
  5. Left Behind Children by Candice Lam
  6. You Can Cross the World in 3 films? by Pete Morris
  7. The Silent Dancer in a Pregnant Pause by Peng-Ean Khoo
  8. The Participation of Non-Belonging by Peng-Ean Khoo
  9. What is Meher Bani? by Himal Ruparel, Vashima Goyal, Kenneth Ngo and Peng-Ean Khoo
  10. Ipoh, Ipoh by Peng-Ean Khoo with Himal Ruparel, Vashima Goyal, Keith Cham, Melba Ibardolasa, Billie Tan, Khoo Peng Keat, Paul Kee, Albert Khoo & Nancy Teh
  11. Sigar, Sigar by Peng-Ean Khoo with Himal Ruparel, Vashima Goyal, Keith Cham, Melba Ibardolasa, Khoo Peng Keat, Albert Khoo & Nancy Teh
  12. wildflowers in an open field of longings by Peng-Ean Khoo
  13. Cookies & Clay by Keith Cham, Jaqueline Low and Peng-Ean Khoo
  14. ‘Poots-Poots Visits the Rainforest, the Ocean, the Desert & The Happy Farmers Seeding, Repotting & Harvesting Herbs in an Urban Microfarm’ by Peng-Ean Khoo
  15. Made in China? & Reflections by Agnes Gerrits-Lim
  16. Leaves of Our Earth & Beyond Your Puffy Eyes by Peng-Ean Khoo with Teh Chee Mun
  17. Wonder Woman by Jeanne Ng Mei Sien
  18. EdCamp Singapore #1 by EduRetreat Singapore and Vashima Goyal with Himal Ruparel, Kenneth Ngo, Peng-Ean Khoo, Manju Nair and Chong Yilin
  19. Every Moment by Belinda Huang, Khoo Peng Beng & Peng-Ean Khoo
  20. The Singapore Rose by Nivi Jaswal
  21. Snowdrops and a Pocket of Sunrises by Peng-Ean Khoo
  22. Dunno About Humanity & Ganesha by Daniel Khoo & PC Khoo
  23. Work of Human Hands by Bernadette Cenzon
  24. The Spirit of the Horse by Joann Ting
  25. Pat-A-Cake by Keith Cham
  26. Three Bowls by Twardzik Ching Chor Leng
  27. Rose, Gerald & Alex by Keith Cham & Mommy (PEK)
  28. ‘The True Warrior is one who serves the community through kindness and self sacrifice in a non-violent way’ by Vincent Twardzik Ching
  29. Love Locket by Peng-Ean Khoo
  30. White Pearl and Green Pearl by Lai Say Beng
  31. At the Gallery by Peng-Ean Khoo
  32. The Silent Classroom by Keith Cham
  33. The Culture of Peace: An Excerpt by Peng-Ean Khoo
  34. Look Down by Keith Cham
  35. Of Wars, Warriors & Water: Revisited by Peng-Ean Khoo with Landing Space
  36. of black by Peng-Ean Khoo
  37. Blogged Revisited: Why I Make Art by Brigid Watson & Peng-Ean Khoo with Lai Mei Chin, Kenny Toh, Sean Toh & Dylan Toh
  38. Meher Bani by Kenneth Ngo
  39. Ice Floe by Lana Hechtman Ayers
  40. A Musical Play by Keith Cham & Kenneth Ngo
  41. Joy of Life by Himal Ruparel
  42. Ipoh Heartbars by Vashima Goyal



art fundraiser on wordpress and Facebook using shopify & Paypal

Art gifts of Room 36
from A Band of Unusually Unsuspecting Suspects
by charKOL Pte Ltd

The following artworks are available for private and public collection. All proceeds from the sale of the said artworks, net of Paypal and other necessary service, administrative and delivery charges, shall be donated by each of the artists to the said beneficiaries.  Delivery within Singapore only, or where otherwise stated. This is in support of the power of faith, hope and love through art.

for Ni Art Festival
organised by charkol
with special thanks to Lim Li Ping, charKOL Pte Ltd, and
Keen and Dalon, Perfect Arts Frame Maker

It is our greatest privilege and joy to accompany the wonderful causes of the brave souls of the following causes:

1. Ni Art Week 

wildflowers - composition 1 by PEK.jpg
“wildflowers in an open field of longings” by PEK SGD1,000
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

2. Ray of Hope, Ipoh – Centre for Children with Learning Disabilities 

Leaves of the Earth by PEK.jpg
“Leaves of Our Earth” by PEK SGD1,000
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

Love Locket.jpg
“Love Locket” by PEK SGD100
To purchase art, kindly click on this link


“Meher Bani” by Himal Ruparel SGD500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

3. Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation – Ipoh Centre

“Three Bowls” by Twardzik Ching Chor Leng SGD2,250
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

“Rose, Gerald & Alex” by Keith Cham & PEK SGD1,500

Rose the Elephant SGD500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

Gerald by Keith Cham & PEK.jpg
Gerald the Giraffe SGD500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

Alex by Keith Cham & PEK.jpg
Alex the Lion SGD500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

The True Warrior by Vincent Twardzik Ching.jpg
“The True Warrior is one who serves the community through kindness and self-sacrifice in a non-violent way” by Vincent Twardzik Ching SGD3,000
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

3. Perak Women for Women Society

“Wonder Woman”
by Jeanne Ng Mei Sien SGD350
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

“Pink Rose” by Nivi Jaswal SGD1,250
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

4. Autism Support Association for Parents (ASAP) Ipoh

“Made in China?” by Agnes Gerrits-Lim SGD500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

“Reflections” by Agnes Gerrits-Lim SGD500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

Rainbow Roses.jpg
Rainbow Roses” by Peng-Ean Khoo SGD500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

5. Sharpened Word

“Every Moment” by Belinda Huang, Khoo Peng Beng & PEK with Kenneth Ngo SGD1,500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

6. Rumah Charis

The Spirit of the Horse by Joann Ting.jpg
“The Spirit of the Horse” by Joann Ting SGD500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

“White Pearl and Green Pearl” by Lai Say Beng SGD1,000
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

7. Left Behind Children

“Left Behind Children” by Candice Lam

Version 2
Yellow Mountains -1 by Candice Lam.jpg
Yellow Mountains Images USD50 per printable image.
To purchase art, kindly click on this link: www.madeofhumanity.com

8. The Happy Farmers

“Poots-Poots Visits” by PEK
The Giant Oak Tree SGD500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

The Malayan Tapir SGD500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

The Blue Whale SGD500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

The Pregnant Camel SGD500
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

9. One Love projects

“A Series of Happy & Abundant Platters” by PEK SGD500 each
To purchase art, kindly click on this link

10. The Happy Heart School

“Beyond Your Puffy Eyes” by PEK – free private copy for parents journeying trisomy 21
To receive a free copy of this book, kindly send an email to pengean@onelovefamily.net

Rosette Series by Beth Cham & PEK

Rosette Series

Rosette Series.jpg

I became very interested in Rosettes, Rose Windows. And so when the flowers were blossoming in my work, I started to connect them with the Rose Windows of the churches and cathedrals in Switzerland. There was a deep questioning of the war between the Catholics and the Protestants, and it was really for me, a way of coming to peace within myself, about the contradictions of faith and faith traditions. At the same time, I was in need of a spirituality that I was able to be at home with, fully, and art had helped me through this deep inner dialogue.

“Beth and Mummy Rosette Series 1 – #1-#12”
Watercolour pencil on paper
Switzerland 2013
by Beth Cham & Peng-Ean Khoo

“Rosette Series 1 – #1-#9”
Watercolour pencil on paper
Switzerland 2013
by Peng-Ean Khoo


My daughter and I have been making collaborative art since she was 12 months old. So, I love this series especially the most because we were drawing together: I draw, she draws, we beam. We decided to name the flowers by the individuals in my life; those who have turned up unexpectedly to accompany my inner growth to integration. She was supporting my blossoming journey, and so enthusiastically helped me choose which flower fitted which friend.

“Lupine Series #1-#20 (Rosette Series 2)”
Watercolour pencil on paper
by Peng-Ean Khoo

8. About Lupine Series.jpg

“Rosette Series 3”
Lupine Series #1-#40
Watercolour pencil on paper
by Peng-Ean Khoo


I remember working at this series after the family has gone to bed. Making the flowers helped me cohere, find peace and beauty again, in the midst of all my internal pain from my own choice of doing my inner work to heal within. These drawings are very dear to me. They are tiny, but they are so powerful. So light, but so compact. So delicate, yet so strong. They seem to be the same, yet each mark, each petal, each flower is unique. I feel a deep sense of blessedness and gratitude for being able to be part of these flowers coming about.

“Rosette Series 4”
Large Series #1-#5
Watercolour pencil on paper
by Peng-Ean Khoo


Then I got bolder and made a Rosette Series on a larger piece of paper. I wasn’t sure of the outcome until three years later, when I saw it in a frame. Now, I am convinced we do need to frame up our artwork. (grin)

“Rainbow Roses”
Art Clay Jewellery
by Peng-Ean Khoo

I made a whole season of roses. And windows. And also jewellery. This is my most recent collection of clay jewellery roses. I really love that my roses are finally so colourful. You can wear these roses in many ways. All it takes is a little courageous flair!

Rainbow Roses.jpg

Rainbow Roses – #1-#7” is available for private and public collection.  All proceeds from the sale of the said artwork, net of Paypal and other necessary service, administrative and delivery charges, will be donated by the artist to Autism Support Association for Parents (ASAP) in Ipoh. Delivery within Singapore only. This is in support of fully inclusive education & living.

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Bilberries Blue by PEK

“Bilberries Blue #1 & #2”
Hand-painted Ceramics mounted on a wooden board
by Peng-Ean Khoo

Bilberries Blue #1 by PEK.jpg

Bilberries Blue #2 by PEK.jpg

I suddenly grew some further courage as the preparation for Ni Art Week progresses. I grew further courage to integrate, to talk about my work. And so, I shall. I love and believe in Good Work. I think if we really put our hearts, minds and whole presence and living to it, we can find new innovations and old innovations, out of our numerous boxedness, and figure a way forward that is compassionate peaceful, harmonious, safe, meaningful and purposeful, for ourselves and the world, in all areas of our lives and work.

BB Studio was birthed as a living vision of integrated sustainable development work, education and living,  an initiative of The Happy Heart School with Bilberries Blue. Bilberries Blue is my professional work space which took me 22 years to integrate as my interests and passions were so diverse, and my concerns so deep and wide. As a mother, I have long chosen to be a working mom as well as home mom as well as be fully engaged with my children’s learning, development and education. Especially, my children’s values, manners and attitudes about themselves, each other and life itself. I always imagined me the mom who is able to fully support my children get through life and be present when they face difficulties and challenges. And be the one they run to when they scrape their knees, encounter a broken heart, needing a friend. So, in a way, I tried every possible permutation to find a way to juggle it all. And of course, in the process, I realise, I cannot and am not and don’t need to be a super woman. I just need to take it one day at a time, living every day healthily and joyously with my whole heart and that is wholly good for me, my husband and our children.

I hadn’t realised that the physical integration is as vital as the heart integration. But it is so. With the space emergence, I can truly put the visions into practice and keep iterating the errors and blindspots.

What am I seeking? A truly, integrated society that really stops being hesitant and really just jumps in and start innovating for full inclusion to be a daily reality for everyone. The issues are complex, so the solutions will necessarily be emergent. It is not possible to brain or templatise, nor necessarily measure in quantitatives nor even qualitatives alone something that requires complex and organic applications and iterations. It requires ground intuition and truly collaborative insights, and the daring to try. And the courage to fail. And the tenacity to get up and do it all over again. Over and over and over again. Until, it is experientially understood, and both the space and everyone in the space and community is truly living, vibrant, open, spacious. And truly without superiority nor inferiority complexes, and is truly able to nurture and dance in mutual tenderness, care, compassion, joy and openness.

With deepest gratitude to the Huang family for their magnanimous and kind hearts in gifting the BB Studio space, which turned out to be a vital space for my inner silence, refuge, contemplation, explorations, questionings, healing, and robust, authentic renewal, and the re-finding of my own courage and confidence again.

So, “Bilberries Blue”, is that place of re-beginning:

“Start with something comfortable.

-I have nothing to offer.

That is not true.

-I feel nothing.

You are trying too hard to please.

-That is all I have known.

Try something new.

-I can’t. I don’t know how.

Try you. Yes, try being you. Just be you.

-me? What good does that do?

That’s the beginning of everything you.”

Peng-Ean Khoo
September 12, 2016

Magic Carpet

For my beautiful friends, Brigid Watson & Gulsun Gul,
what were we looking at again?

“Magic Carpet”
Photo Montage of soul friends
B, GG & PEK in 2000
at Brigid’s Studio
Boston, U.S.A.
by PEK

Brigid’s work still remains one of the greatest influences on my own art journey. I met Brigid when I was desiring to find my own voice through painting. She opened a world for me in painting, and beyond painting. She opened for me art beyond anything and most of all, the love and friendship of a dear friend during one of the most difficult trials of my life. That trial where I had decided to leave one world and into another. Brigid had navigated for me the unknown that I would never have dared to ride on my own, had it not been for our laughters, giggles, and deeply philosophical, intellectual and heartful questionings, gatherings and dreams. GG and I found ourselves in the same place. Same place of transition. And the same place of discovering what an amazing place transition is. Heartbreaking, but necessary. Never a place of judgment. Every time, one of love. Only love. Always love.

Left Behind Children by Candice Lam

 “Left Behind Children”
a short documentary and photography
by Candice Lam
Please support the art program at the Jiangxi school in rural China. Many of these children are left behind children. The sales of these images can provide funding to buy art supplies for the school. Art is the least expensive way to heal the children’s psychological problems from being abandoned. These pictures were taken from the Yellow mountain that is just two hours away from the village where these children live.  Please watch the video which explains how I got involved with the school.
Version 2dsc_0293-1
Yellow Mountain Images for www.madeofhumanity.com:

You can cross the world in 3 films? by Pete Morris


My son is wearing my West Ham shirt from when I was a kid. The library is where I used to go at their age. I filmed an amazing act of giving and used artificial intelligence to make a film. How much art can one town have? You can cross the world in 3 films? I felt at home in Ipoh. Do you know the one voice film ends in Paris? The Blue Train. Family & friends united. This is a Two Little Sausages Production. My name is Pete Morris.


“One Voice, Another Buddy Walk of Sorts”
part of a community documentary
 One Voice, Another Buddy Walk of Sorts
(in the making since 2010)
by Pete Morris


“Ipoh Dreams”
a documentary
of a family’s first visit ever to Ipoh
Ipoh Old Town
by Pete Morris


“Christmas 2016”
a documentary of
Gifting Day for
 One Love: Dangcalan
by Pete Morris

The Silent Dancer in a Pregnant Pause by PEK

“The Silent Dancer
in a Pregnant Pause”
An essay on global sustainability
by PEK


There were two films that made me sit up when I was 12 years old: “Roots” and “Gandhi”. I went on to read the books – Roots and Gandhi’s autobiography. From then on, everything changed for me. I don’t know how to explain it. It was only in the recent years that I remembered this. That I had somewhere in my pre-adolescent years made a determination, a choice, that inequality and cruelty is actually intolerable. And that education is a way out of the poverty trap. And I thought having a job would bring about that certainty and security.

Economics fascinates me beyond compare because the economy seems to be the heart of so many struggles and yet so many triumphs and liberation.

Of course, it is all politics.

But, there is something in me that refuses to allow our collective humanity to be thus reduced.

So this morning, yes, still in the midst of the artshow preparation, I recalled something that I had dreamed about for a long time:

The Humane Economy.

All kinds of economy can exist. In theory as well as reality. It is a matter of how we believe it and then systematically and methodically go about designing it and allowing the fruition and transformations.

Economies are as elusive as art as life. Or “the slippery eel” as Tim Nichols, with whom I had the great blessing to have studied with for two weeks. Or “the invisible hand”, as Professor Frank Hahn used to wave about when he was sharing with us about Hahn’s umbrella. 

We would stare at each other blankly. On both occasions.

But today, suddenly, I recall Hahn’s umbrella and I suddenly regained faith.

Now, isn’t that interesting? That’s the power of hope and the power of faithfulness in each of our work, and of course, you know what I am going to lead into next: the power of love.

Our work isn’t just a job.

And our lives isn’t just work.

And that which will get us out of the poverty trap isn’t money, but love.

It isn’t scarcity that scares us, but intimacy.

It isn’t lack that we are afraid of, but death.

It isn’t politics that blocks good citizenship and governance, but greed.

And the economy does need intervention and transparent accountability.

Because we can get systemically stuck. Stuck in game theories, stuck in multiple equilibria, stuck in single games or multiple games, or general theories with linearity or non-linearity.

Because the rootedness of that stuckness had incorporated one very interesting but false axiom: that we are selfish or self-centered, and that economics is about scarcity and the allocation of scarce resources in an efficient and equitable way.

It’s stuck in the way we view our human nature. It remembered the independent self but it forgot the compassionate self. It was postulated from a worldview that didn’t know about the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex centres, and the complexity of our central nervous system. A worldview younger than today. Because today we understand emotions as the centre, not peripheral, not pooh-poohed away. Because we are also not afraid of dialogues, differing views, big emotions. Because today we dare and have the tools to unpack intense emotions, trauma and subsequently, emotional regulation, healing, renew, and regenerate.

The integrated identity of a kind self that is generative of new i.e. creative in the emerging unknown. 

I stumbled upon the book “Caring Economics” and I was fueled not with knowledge but with mystery. Because I had stumbled upon it serendipitously. And because there is now a body of work that really begins to update and integrate knowledge – neuroscience, earth system science, compassionate economics, the science of happiness or wellbeing, compassion and altruism. It is beyond microfinancing and social entrepreneurship, a wonderful emergence circa 2007. It is these becoming the way of life, because a complex adaptive system would naturally equilibriate towards a stability and resilience that eventually makes us look at the boundaries and barriers. And the the open inquiries would lead to intense questioning and then dreaming and then emerging and trials and activation of new possibilities of living that is biospheric, courageous, robust in science, creative, kind, magnanimous of learning opportunities, patient and cares for the wellbeing of all.

The old way of economic thinking was stuck in a fixed pie and then all the energy went into distribution. And the equitable goal got dropped along the way, somewhat conveniently or inconveniently, because so called efficiency became the easier, demonstrable goal, presumably because it is measurable. And seemingly objective. But it of course absolutely not isn’t! If you set a system that already has rigid boundaries for change or adaptability, then in effect, the efficiency is meaningless. The work starts to become a chase which goes in circles and the only proxy remaining becomes a monetary statistic that no longer represents any real meaning or the goal has become the end in itself. It would become the epitome of negative externalities of absolutes and feels powerful, when in fact if you examined deeper, it is nothing, because it is just a statistic, a proxy of measure. The hoard of cash or wealth is just what it is. Paper or coins or derivatives or tokens of tradable negative externatilities, which, when it gets beyond the tolerable earth-humane-just-meaningful point, would no longer serve a function, and would eventually not be adopted because it no longer serves the whole – complex adaptive system. It has become selfish and selfish isn’t a sustainable part of the whole! 

Sustainability is about being a wholesome part of the whole! Sustainability has to incorporate a care, meaning, daring creativity, loving patience regenerative features, in any new design. Resilience is about kind adaptability. Not destructive nor competitive compartmentalised nor ritualised reactivity. Because we are in the Anthropocene Age according to the geologists. We would have to mature individually and collectively to be able to recraft love, work, create, live cooperatively, collaboratively, givingly, openly, with lots of graciousness – both giving and receiving.

How can life be a zero sum game when life is ever growing and ever transformative? How could we be just enough when there is so much richness and diversity and complexity and life is  unequivocably empirically flowing, growing, adaptive, creative and abundant?

I don’t even know why I even got talked into having to make a case for doing good for earth, people, wildlife and the world and personal cultures. And making art.

That was my lid. The need to prove myself worthy. The doubt about my own worthiness, which incidentally has got little to do with what I do or not, what I own or not, what other people say I am or not.

Because I got boxed in by my own raft in rough waters, my clinging to my intellectualism and past affirmations and validations.

But today I realise, I am not playing this boxed in game anymore. I am not an agent. I am a human person. I have a choice. And I have my own self-determination. And I have family and friends, who truly love me. And they love me beyond measure.

The dignity and worthiness and the capacity to love and experience a sense of wellbeing without any measure is everyone’s birthright.

We don’t need cannots and justifications to block us from what already is.

That integrity, kindness and courage is our innate nature. And that each of us is simply beautiful as is.

As is.

We don’t need a measure or a proxy of measure to speak for each of our and collective immutable preciousness and beauty.

Peng-Ean Khoo
December 9, 2016

a social enterprise
(after Mohammad Yunus)
since 2008
founded by Peng-Ean Khoo & Khoo Peng Keat

“One Love”
a company limited by guarantee
with charitable purposes
since 2014
founded by Peng-Ean Khoo

I have been developing charKOL since 2008 through many countless growth evolutions. The latest is an e-open studios-gift shop for meaningful economics exchanges. I have named the project “charKOL Cottage Studios“. Not Cottage Industry, but Cottage Studios. I am still learning the design and interfaces and the tensions between art and commerce. Not about the intent, but the presentation and interfaces with the artists and the community.  I also founded One Love in 2014. With three art tokens in my hand – they are my clay roses. And I call them “Faith, Hope & Charity”.

A Series of Happy & Abundant Platters” is available for private and public collection. All proceeds from the sale of the said artwork, net of Paypal and other necessary service, administrative and delivery charges, shall be donated by the artists to One Love projects. Delivery within Singapore only. This is in support of art & social enterprise.

What is Meher Bani

“Meher Bani”
Acrylic on canvas
by Himal Ruparel

Meher Bani by Himal.jpg

“What is Meher Bani”
compassionate conversations
between Himal, Vashima, Ken & PEK

Meyer Bani” is available for private and public collection. All proceeds from the sale of the said artwork, net of Paypal and other necessary service, administrative and delivery charges, shall be donated by the artist to Ray of Hope, Ipoh – Centre for Children with Learning Disabilities. Delivery within Singapore only. This is in support of full inclusion.

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Ipoh, Ipoh

“Ipoh, Ipoh”
an unplanned documentary
Ipoh Old Town & Moonriver Lodge

Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
by Peng-Ean Khoo
with Keith Cham, Himal Ruparel, Vashima Goyal,
Melba Ibardolasa, Paul Kee, Billie Tan, Khoo Peng Keat
Albert Khoo & Nancy Teh

Malaysia, Singapore